On-Site Hardware Support

Planet Access has over 30 years of experience in on-site hardware support. We do not require a contract. We will come out to your facility whenever you need us and take care of any of your problems.

Custom Business Software

Planet Access started in 1981 with leading edge accounting software, and continues to lead with new technology today. We can customize software to fit your business needs. If you've got an existing project, our team has experience in a variety of languages and frameworks, including .NET, Python, PHP, and others.

Web Development

Planet Access has developed websites both small and large, and has extensive experience in web application development.

Networking and Network Cabling

Infrastructure develops over time and gets confusing. We're here to help with your network infrastructure needs, including server room design, switching, routing, internet connectivity, and special projects.

Linux Servers

Tired of spending countless thousands of dollars on Microsoft licenses and other licenses? We have Linux-based and open source alternatives to help lighten your budget.

Warehouse Management

We have developed tools that can help you ship thousands of boxes an hour with a small staff. We can provide solutions to automate your warehouse and integrate with UPS and FedEx to meet demanding shipping requirements.

Storage and Backup Systems

We can increase your storage capacity and give you daily snapshots of your system and your files so that you can enhance access to historical information and protect against cyberattacks.

Collaboration and Email

We provide both on site and hosted email and collaboration solutions, including Zimbra OSS/NE, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Sharepoint.

Custom Mobile Apps

Planet Access can develop mobile apps for your business, to allow you to view real time information about your company on your mobile device or on your computer. This can provide valuable insight into both sales and operational information, so you can stay on top of things wherever you are. Anything that needs to be completed or hit a specific goal every day can be monitored at all times.

Workflow Analysis Consulting

We specialize in eliminating the "spreadsheet" disease. We can find wasted effort in an organization that can be eliminated or automated away. Let us help your employees build a knowledge base about your organization so that job descriptions and assignments can be documented and streamlined. We'll help find and trim the inefficiencies in your organization.

Phone Systems

Planet Access can provide support for both legacy and VoIP based phone systems, help with PBX integrations with other services, and also assist you in the purchase and installation of a new phone system.

Special Projects

At Planet Access we have completed many special projects for our clients. As an example, we designed and built pump sensors to be installed on oil rigs that measure and record vibration, cylinder pressure, and cycle speed. We have developed patented devices that integrate the real physical world with computer interfaces. We love a puzzle. Give us one and we will solve it for you.