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Planet Access offers professional services for on-site hardware support, web development, custom business software, and more.

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All developers and hardware specialists at Planet Access have been thoroughly vetted for integrity, raw intelligence, and logical thinking. This group is accustomed to taking on anything that comes to them and works well together. This company was a pioneer in the early PC industry and has maintained a forward looking outlook ever since. The experts at Planet Access are hungry for a puzzle and often discover completely unique and creative solutions to the problem at hand. All of the assets of Planet Access are in the people.

Our Services

On-Site Hardware Support

Planet Access has over 30 years of experience in on-site hardware support.

Custom Software

Planet Access started in 1981 with leading edge accounting software, and continues to lead with new technology today.

Web Development

Planet Access has designed and written web sites both small and large.

Networking and Network Cabling

Infrastructure develops over time and gets confusing. We're here to help with your network infrastructure needs.

Linux Servers

Tired of spending countless thousands of dollars on Microsoft licenses and other licenses?

Warehouse Management

We have developed tools that can help you ship thousands of boxes an hour with a small staff.

Storage and Backups

We can increase your storage capacity and give you daily snapshots of your system and your files so that you can enhance access to historical information.

Collaboration and Email

On site or hosted email and collaboration solutions.

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